Cultural competence and cultural safety

Other Core Competencies:


Definition of competency

To be able to demonstrates a willingness to embrace diversity among all patients, families, carers and the healthcare team and respects the values, beliefs and traditions of individual cultural backgrounds which are different to their own.

Promote self-reflection, acknowledge their own biases, prejudices and stereotypes and works to mitigate their effects.

Promotes a safe and inclusive health care environment and works to eliminate health inequities.


Behavioural markers

  • promotes cultural competence and cultural safety across the whole health system in order to achieve equitable healthcare for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and Māori
  • fosters a safe and respectful health care environment for all patients, families and carers
  • promotes an inclusive and safe workplace for all colleagues and team members


More information on cultural competence and cultural safety including examples of behaviour can be seen here.