What is JDocs?

JDocs iconsJDocs is a Framework that describes the many tasks, skills and behaviours that should be achieved by doctors at defined early post-graduate year levels, and will assist in their development towards a career in surgery and other proceduralist careers. 

On this website an interactive version of the JDocs Framework is available, as well as information and guidance about a career in surgery, together with resources that support the framework, some of which are available by subscribing to JDocs.

How will the Framework support me as:

A prevocational doctor?

  • It provides guidance and support in becoming a safe, competent, professional doctor at work, and a collaborative member of the healthcare team. 
  • To relate the Framework to the workplace, key clinical tasks have been developed that represent professional activities undertaken in the clinical workplace, e.g. leading a ward round and discharging a patient. 

  • Being able to satisfactorily perform a number of these tasks should note your readiness for a registrar role

A director of clinical training, supervisor and/or a medical education officer?

  • It can be used as a tool to support feedback and assessment of junior doctors in the clinical workplace. 
  • Key clinical tasks are described at designated stages of training (PGY1–3), with a progression of skills throughout, and should be consistently, competently performed by the doctor by PGY3.  

  • Guidelines for the key clinical tasks have been developed to provide feedback on the workplace peformance of the junior doctor.

The essential surgical skills kit is available for purchase, which can be used to practise the basic surgical skills demonstrated in the surgical skills videos.