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The College has identified a number of external resources that may be of use to the junior doctor. Please note these resources have not been endorsed by the College.



RACS CPD Program



Surgical videos and virtual reality

Royal College of Surgeons Ireland mSurgery videos and mSurgery virtual reality

Mental health

Surgical resources

Blogs/education sites


Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) app (iTunes & Google Play)

Anatomy lectures & MCQs (iTunes)

Human anatomy atlas (Google Play)

MEDTube medical videos (Google Play)

NSW Trauma app (iTunes & Google Play)

Procedures Emergency Medicine app (Google Play)

Prognosis: Your diagnosis (iTunes)

RACS national case note review (Google Play)

SurgiQuiz (iTunes)

Touch surgery (iTunes & Google Play)

Better Pain Management: Faculty of Pain Medicine (ANZCA)

The FPM, Better Pain Management program has been designed for specialist and general medical practitioners, medical students, nurses and allied health practitioners engaged in the care of patients with persistent pain. It consists of six online education modules each designed to be completed in one hour.

Topics covered in the Better Pain Management program include:

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Antimicrobial modules

Antimicrobial modules by NPS MedicineWise