Key Clinical Tasks

Key clinical tasks

To complement the JDocs Framework, a number of key clinical tasks have been developed that represent the daily professional activities undertaken by the prevocational doctor, where level of performance can be observed and feedback provided.  The key clinical tasks are multi-competency constructs around real clinical work and are applicable to many procedural careers.  Opportunities for further clinical and professional development have also been described as Experiences which reference useful resources to support the doctor.

Proficiency in each task (performed well) should be achievable by the end of PGY3. Assessment of a key clinical task can be captured in a number of ways, e.g. as part of an end of term assessment, signed key clinical tasks, DOPS, MiniCex, CBD, references and referee reports.  Evidence of performing these tasks well can be uploaded to the JDocs ePortfolio.

Select each title for further information and to download a copy of the key clinical task.  Mobile versions of the tasks, which record results directly into the JDocs ePortfolio, are currently in development.

Key clinical tasks